Yakety Yak WIreless is your MetroPCS Authorized Dealer

About Our Services

In addition to carrying all the latest MetroPCS Handsets and Service Plans, we pride ourselves in being a full service store. We take the extra steps to ensure an exceptional customer service experience. We provide the following services:

* No Activation Fee for New or Reactivation of service

Did you know…

• Did you know you can put funds on relatives and friends phone accounts that live in other countries!
• We carry all of the newest MetroPCS phones!
• We will sell your old cell phone for you on consignment!
• Did you know MetroPCS has… well come on in and we’ll tell you the rest!


Yakety Yak Wireless is an Exclusive MetroPCS Authorize Dealer. Our doors opened on September 15, 2007. We became an Exclusive MetroPCS Authorized Dealer in September 2009. 

The owner, Bernie, an Engineering Manager with SBC (now AT&T), retired in March of 2000 after 29 years to seek opportunities in the Dot Com hay days. He has since held numerous managerial and engineering positions during his 40 plus years in the industry.